Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Looking forward to this weekend

Joy! My husband and I are getting a full day of babysitting this weekend! Now, mind you it is going to take 2 of my family members to do this, instead of the usual one of me. I actually think that is kind of funny.

The worst part is that we cannot think of what we want to do. We don't want to squander the day doing things we could do on a "normal" day. But, that leaves us trying to come up with something grand, and since our scope of things has narrowed since the boy, we are having a tough time.

My husband and I used to travel everywhere together. The good old days of driving from the beach to Griffith Observatory, then to the Bonaventure Hotel for drinks has long passed. I do not even remember what it was like to feel so carefree. That was back when I didn't criticize his driving and he thought it was cute when I was indecisive.

I think though, that as long as we bring some great CD's and leave the daily bickering at home (harder than it sounds), whatever we do will be great. My husband is my best friend, even though I haven't told him that in a while. Cross your fingers for us...

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Mel said...

Have fun! I would paralyzed if I had a full 24 hours without kids!