Friday, November 19, 2004

If you don't watch, you should

I cannot say enough good things about Frontline. This show is what news programs should be. In-depth, not afraid to ask hard questions, and interesting topics. I set aside time every Tuesday to watch this program.

Last week was an episode called "The Persuaders" about the marketing and advertising industry. If you could have seen the utter disdain with which consumers were described, it would almost make you not want to ever buy anything again. Apparently, they also have us all figured out. You can go to a website for the company Claritas and do the Zip Code Search to find out the ways in which they categorize people by the neighborhoods they live in. I was not sure whether to be impressed or scared shitless.

This week they profiled Wal-Mart. I personally do not shop at Wal-Mart because it is my own puny protest to what I feel are vile business practices. Watching the VP of Wal-Mart carefully consider every answer as if every word that came out of his mouth could open up a lawsuit was enough to make me feel glad I do not contribute to this man's extremely large bank account. What I found most interesting was that, according to a former Wal-Mart store manager, the only prices that are the LOWEST are their so called "price-point" items. You know, the ones with the big signs and the smilely face. He claims that those items aside, you could very well be paying more for most of the other items in the store. That flies in the face of almost everything a devoted Wal-Mart customer believes, they think they are getting the lowest prices on everything. Not so my friend, not so. How else do you think they stay in business?

Now, if only everyone could take a cue from me, we could run these guys out of business...

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Nance said...

Hi! I'm here fulfilling my Blog Birthday pledge of reading archive posts in blogs I enjoy. What an incredibly informative post THIS was. I went to the link you supplied, plugged in my zip, and...yikes. As you said, very eye-opening. Oh, and I've been boycotting Walmart for years and years. Not that it helps. In the time I've been "ignoring" them, they've built about 5 in my general area. Sigh. But at least I feel righteous!!