Sunday, November 07, 2004

Customer Service, or lack thereof

Tonight we all went out to an Italian restaurant that we had never been to before. We had gotten a good recommendation from a trusted source, so off we went.

I ordered something that I figured should be fairly decent, polenta and Italian sausage. Boy, was I wrong. I literally had to spit the stuff out, it was so offending to my tastebuds. For the record, I have never had to do anything like that at any other place I have ever been. I may not have liked everything, but I have never had to spit it out in disgust.

Now, when the waiter came to pick up my plate, should he have said something about my lack of interest in the dish? Common sense as a person in business should have tipped him off that something was wrong when I refused a doggie bag, even though I had literally eaten two bites.

Nope, he just took my eleven dollars without a word. I have been to restaurants before where they ask you if something was wrong with the meal, and could they try to fix it for you. Am I on a different planet here? Was that too much to expect? Instead of a happy feeling of, "oh they cared about me and how I liked the food" it was "damn, that crap cost eleven dollars and I didn't even eat it."

Perhaps I just need to get out more...

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