Friday, November 03, 2006

On This Day In History

Because I know you keep a calendar listing the important events in my life, I am sure that I don't have to remind you that today is my fifth anniversary, right?

Just nod, it'll make me feel better.

Yes indeedy, five years ago today I exchanged vows with my gorgeous, kind, and wonderful husband. You know how when you say, oh, my spouse is my best friend and people just kind of roll their eyes or give an awkward shrug or whatever? Well, that is totally true in our case. We know each other so very well, it can be rather frightening at times. In fact, I am frightened on a daily basis by how easily we can push each other's buttons.

For a rather abbreviated account of our wedding day, you can go here.

Tonight, we will be spending an evening at a club in Hollywood called The Magic Castle. For those of you outside Southern California, you have probably never heard of it. That's ok, I forgive you. It is a members-only club where you have to wrangle an invitation to go and spend a fortune on an entrance feee, meal, drinks and entertainment. We expect to have a completely awesome time. Despite the severe lightening of the wallet. If you are really bored, go ahead and click on the link and try to figure out what I'm going to order for dinner.

And I know you are wondering about the dress. Well, I found one on Wednesday. It was at a store which pleasantly surprised me with their selection, and one I had considered not even visting. But, I maaged to find a long black skirt, matching lined shell and jacket combo which is lovely and dressy and most of all, comfortable. The shell and jacket are winter white with intricate black beading (actually similar to that of a wedding dress, except it's in black) and some more subtle beading on the jacket. I have that nice feeling of looking in the mirror when I have it on and knowing that I look good. Not that I'm into looking like a MILF or something, but it is good to know that I look attractive. Uh, yeah, and I seem to have self-esteem to spare, don't I?

So my friends, we are off to get ready to get ready for a night out on the town, and a weekend of Mr. P at his grandparents.

Let's get this party started!

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