Saturday, September 10, 2005

Soapbox Saturday

So if you haven't already heard about the brouhaha from the Department of Education over an episode of "Postcards From Buster," here is a link.

From my understanding, the women were just shown briefly, mention was made that one of them was a "stepmom" and the camera went elsewhere to document the process of making Vermont maple syrup. If you read the article, much mention is made about how the Dept. views that little snippet as inappropriate for preschoolers, that it doesn't fit the educational curricula that the show is supposed to promote.

I actually like the show, and so does Mr. Personality. I agree with the Dept. of Education that a specific show is not appropriate for preschoolers, and has absolutely nothing of educational value to offer. Except, it isn't the Vermont episode. It's this one.

Now I want to tell you that I grew up not all that far from East LA. I grew up in an area that was predominantly Latino. I know from gangs, ok? Hubba-hubba is half Latino, so don't be getting all up in my grill over what I have to say next.

This show, quite simply, glorifies things that have strong ties to gangbanging.

There is graffiti posing as "art." There are men who walk, look, and talk like gangbangers. I'm not one hundred percent positive, but if I saw them walking on the street, I would go the other way. They forage through other people's trash looking for spare parts. Some would say that is being resourceful, and in a way that's true. But really is that what the Education Dept. wants my preschooler to learn? That unbidden, he should go through people's trashcans on the side of the street? Also, the lowrider car has extremely strong ties to gangs and gangbanging. And, by extension, the lowrider bikes as well. They even focus on the kids (sans helmets, I might add) riding around with "tough" looks. In real life, throwing a gang sign would be the next logical conclusion after those expressions.

The Latino culture has many lovely traditions, such as Dia De Los Muertos, or the quinceanera, or even the familial making of tamales during the holiday season. But no, they had to go and focus on lowriders.

So, here is the Education Department, getting all in a tizzy about a gay family which seems quite happy and normal while allowing what almost amounts to a gangbanger commercial. You see, because after they are finished with these creations, they all ride to the beach together, so that makes the previous 20 minutes ok!

And here I thought the Republican Party was the one of much-ballyhooed "non-interference" in our personal lives. Apparently it is perfectly fine to be in a gang, just as long as you're not gay. You know those gay people, with their drug running and indiscriminate shootings and the like. Got to protect the young 'uns, you know.


WordsRock said...

Thank heaven you are helping to spread the word about about the homosexual scourge gnawing away at our nation's children! Blog on, sistah!

btw, I think I love you. ;)


Elizabeth said...

Suzanne...she a ho and a ho-mo.

The Republican party - they're so gay.